You: The Man
either recommending himself or being introduced & recommended by others

  • Probably an engineer or technical person of some sort
    • Preferably from Pennsylvania or at least able to emotionally, professionally, socially & scientifically relate with this part of me since I went to school there.
    • Who is open to Life in the American South, SouthWest, East Coast and potentially other places because I am from The South.
      • Bonus points if you like caravaning or travel and we can move around over the years together.
  • Speaking 3+ Languages
  • Ideally having some sort of pilot’s or heavy machinery license, or a boating license or something, but at minimum a driver’s license (you will be my chauffeur / one of my drivers) and a motorcycle’s license with safety instruction is ideal.
    • At minimum, must be able to Ride bitch. I am 5’8″ and would estimate an optimal partner (for riding on the back of motorcycles, y’all, this isn’t about vanity or body control or anything like this) to be in the ~130-70 pound range
      so the two of us, combined can ride a motorcycle in the mid-sport cruiser or sport touring range.
      I like to ride a Yamaha Virago 535, 550 or similar sport cruisers. You can have your own bike.
      I could even ride on the back of yours. But you will probably ride bitch or else I will have a bitch, and you will have to be accepting of that, ok, and Watch.
    • Obviously, you should like bicycling.
    • Must Pass the Astrology Test: submit your birthdate [with time(hour and minute), city of birth] and full, given legal name and any additional legal or used nicknames.  

      boyfriend information intake form

    • Pets: I like animals and have one older dog. Must harmonize with the Pack.
    • Want 3+ Children. I could maybe have just 2. Not going for 10, here. Max 5.
      • Must Also Pass Genetic\Blood tests as needed.
    • Must pass background, STD (blood, urine, stool and throat sample) and legal checks.

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