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  • Internet Geopardy, One Woman’s Thesis. (Mary does interdisciplinary research.) – stealth | federal government contracting in transportation and logistics with a front-end digital marketing for cash flow company
  • Theater & Performing Arts: Mary is a Master Electrician of the Theater, Light & Sound Engineer & Professional Freelance Stagehand. She is more than happy to help you on your performing arts or gig projects! email: to book.
  • NJ Nawech Construction Services LLC, Mary serves the construction and utilities industry with ongoing translation and logistics.
Mary is a Doctoral Candidate for Integrative Medicine: Doctors Without Borders (in progress). [2019-present, CANADA and USA].
Formerly Engineers Without Borders Drexel University Chapter Vice President, Public Relations Chair and Webmaster [(2007-2009) USA].

I’m still updating my code.

I’m very interested in storage and energy efficiency, heuristics, metaphysics and the intersections of navigation (SEO, GEO and other targeted-delivery <ex: IOT> applications such as radar, sonar, directed soundwave target, advanced networking and graphical models, am happy to chat about this) and the natural world.

I am interested in MAPS and have worked on multiple mathematical models including for Nokia/GARMIN, now Microsoft. And electric cars power-mapping, heat maps… contact@marykslong or meet with me.
Ask for a resume. I may require a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or a secure channel to proceed. I coordinate well with Germany and Others. I am former SAP employee in research and analytics: as “PI Mobile M2M Engineering” Researcher / Developer, I was primarily a Mathematical Developer.
I worked on projects such as SAP HANA – implementing mathematical packages in R, as well as developing in Java, Python, C and working on multiple hardware interfaces in research and development (such as Smart Vending Machines, NFC Applications (Near Field Communications) geometry and digital payment gateways security research, encryption), Raspberry Pi and auto manufacturing for electric and ICE vehicles.

I give multilingual support and translational efforts, such as when SAP engineers, our colleagues in Germany bring products from Germany to USA and I help translate them into local market economy and language (spoken and computer language, such as changing German to English and C to Python or dealing with hardware switches), intercontinental.

I also apply my security and database/mathematical research to healthcare analytics. I am a named international Speaker on Nutritional Psychiatry at the Health 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada and Dubai. I am a Doctoral Candidate for Integrative Medicine. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Minor in Computer Science. I am particularly excited about energy efficient design and sustainability topics. I teach yoga and dance professionally with multiple dance troupes and organizations. I would be excited to explore humanoid robotics or the intersection of biomedical engineering and human or machine movement and music / tempo controlled actuators and acoustics. I come from a very musical family of acoustic engineers and musical therapists and nurses and dentists. My first cousin is an assistant professor of neuropsychiatry at Harvard Medical School. I have written a book on mental health and intend to delve further into neuropsychiatry applications and research if appropriate team members can be found.


I would like to discuss Internet Geopardy with the MIT departments Of Engineering and similar group members.

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Mary Long is an engineer & med student.

She speaks English, Spanish, some French and a little German.

Mary teaches yoga, dance and Reiki and is a graduate student.

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