Mary Long: International Association of Women’s VIP Woman of the Year 2015-2016

The International Association of Women (IAW), formerly known as NAPW (National Association of Professional Women), honored Mary Long with the prestigious “VIP Woman of the Year 2015-2016” award for her groundbreaking thesis on unconventional warfare and the power of social media in promoting peace and balance.

Expertise in Healthcare Data and Predictive Analytics

Mary Long’s expertise lies in healthcare data and predictive analytics, focusing on suicide prevention through the use of sophisticated emotionally-empathetic artificial intelligence (AI), predictive psychology, and social media communications utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs).

Multifaceted Professional Background

A Legally Ordained Interfaith Minister, Grief Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher/Therapist, and a Trauma-Informed Medical Yoga Teacher/Therapist, Mary Long is currently a Double Doctoral Candidate for Integrative Medicine (PhD & IMD) at The International Academy of Wellness in Toronto, Ontario. This program is a part of the Doctors Without Borders initiative.

Education and Professional Associations

  • Drexel University College of Engineering and College of Arts and Sciences Alumna
  • Member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  • Studied at Drexel Pennoni Honors College

Linguistic Skills and Business Ventures

Mary Long is multilingual, speaking(or writing) French, Spanish, fluent English, and some German among other languages. She heads several business ventures including:

Collaborations and Partnerships

Collaborating with Treasure Coast Aviation & Safety Services, LLC, Mary Long extends her expertise in various fields, contributing to a service-disabled veteran company.

What does it take to get my teacher back into flow?

Mat + Weights + German Chill Flow Music w/Bass, Dance Music.

Mary Long is a highly accomplished multilingual individual with a wealth of experience in the fields of software development, machine learning, data science, and engineering consultancy. As a doctoral candidate and senior software developer, she has worked at prestigious companies such as Intuit and SAP, showcasing her expertise in the industry. With a background in mechanical engineering, mathematics, and computer science, Mary has also pursued additional certifications, including a professional certificate in data-driven decision making and machine learning from MIT. Her commitment to personal growth is evident through her ongoing education in integrative medicine and yoga therapy, demonstrating a holistic approach to her professional and personal development. In summary, Mary Long is a versatile and dedicated professional with a diverse skill set and a passion for continuous learning and exploration.

Personality Summary

Based on the information provided, Mary Long would likely fall into the “D” quadrant of the DISC profile due to her roles as a Senior Software Dev & Machine Learning Engineer, which require precision, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail.

In the MBTI profile, Mary Long may be classified as an INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) due to her analytical mindset, strategic thinking, and ability to excel in roles that involve complex problem-solving and innovation.

When taking the Enneagram Personality Test, Mary Long might score as a Type 3 (The Achiever) due to her drive for success, desire to excel in her various roles, and her focus on achieving goals and accomplishments.

Three things that could make Mary Long excited are learning new languages, working on challenging software development projects, and participating in aviation and safety consultancy.

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Mary Long is an engineer & med student.

She speaks English, Spanish, some French and a little German.

Mary teaches yoga, dance and Reiki and is a graduate student.

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