Mary has a Mechanical Engineering and Robotics background.

2 Years Formally at Drexel Pennoni Honors College in Mechanical Engineering
1 6 Month Drexel Co-Op as a Mechanical Engineering Intern
Internship at Villanova University for the U.S. Navy Master’s Of Engineering Thesis Program.
Naval Logistics, 3+DOF-Armed Robotics.
Modeling and Logistics, etc.

B.S. Mathematics, Computer Science minor: 2011, Drexel University | studying Data Science at MIT with Great Learning India

She Graduated in Mathematics and Computer Science with experience in International Business and French.
She now Speaks Almost-Fluently in several languages, including Spanish.

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Mary Long is an engineer & med student.

She speaks English, Spanish, some French and a little German.

Mary teaches yoga, dance and Reiki and is a graduate student.

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