Still in pandemic Mode.

New Space needed to Ar,range,.

^Did you get that? It was a computer Joke.

Anyway, Y’all. I was forced to close down during the Pandemic,. I am not teaching in gyms,. We went Online; I temporarily left Canada. I resided in the United States during the lockdowns. Now, we are rebuilding and moving bases. Please be Patient. Classes will resume in person when we have a new Office Space.

I no longer work at the Clinic in Ontario. [Pandemic lockdowns forced closure and relocations amongst our business practices.] We sheltered in place.

I prefer teaching in Person.

Let’s get set up in a Gym or Studio environment and on Stages. This Year, we’re Featured in the Health 2.0 Conference in Dubai and Las Vegas, Nevada as “Outstanding Leadership” in Health Sciences. I am a named speaker on the panel for #nutritionalpsychiatry and we intend to co-operate coordinate with Logistics and Hospitality Management For effective Delivery. My company “Deliberately Delightful, LLC” has been awarded and internationally recognized. We are now cooperating with Dubai and India. #coordinating #foodscience #logistics

Dedicated Yogis, you may sign up for a subscription through my website and come to our weekly private Zoom classes. In person TBA: I need a gym space.

We’re relocating.

Welcome to Mary’s Website.

We’re glad you’re here.

Mary Long is an engineer & med student.

She speaks English, Spanish, some French and a little German.

Mary teaches yoga, dance and Reiki and is a graduate student.

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