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Mary is an Integrative Medicine Doctoral Candidate (PhD & IMD) and Engineer.

She works on sound&stage, teaches yoga and dance.
She has been invited by Google to consider a Team Matched Position at YouTube in 1 of 3 Places: {Manager of Software Engineering, C++, San Bruno; Machine Learning in Python, NYC; or Senior Software Engineer/ing Manager, Java, Mountain View, CA}.
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Trying to explain to people where I’ve been for ten years like…

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Doctoral Program via University Of Toronto’s Professor Dr. George Grant and The International Academy Of Wellness, with Doctors Without Borders Canada.

Mary is a U.S. Citizen.
Mary is a Candidate for Doctor of Integrative Medicine, IMD and PhD.
She is a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) and energy medicine instructor.
She is also a Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher & Therapist (YTT) trained in Medical Yoga through Avalon Yoga International in Palo Alto, California (2014) and Nithyananda University in India (2015- ).
She holds certificates in advanced chiropractic anatomy and biofeedback.
She has been training in yoga since 2006 and is a lifelong dancer.

She is an author of the book, “Be in the Conversation”.

Mary is a registered member of the California Flower Essence Society and consults on natural wellness through her company, Deliberately Delightful, LLC.

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Doctoral Candidate for Integrative Medicine | Mary Teaches Yoga, Dance & Pilates – Mat & Movement Classes

She is a Doctoral Student of Integrative Medicine.
She is a DOUBLE DOCTORAL CANDIDATE: Meaning she is 3 Classes away from being an I.M.D. (“Integrative Medicine Doctor”) and Ph.D. She is very interested in natural medicine and runs a healing practice. She consults on healthcare analytics and is a speaker on international data interoperability and healthcare topics at the Health 2.0 Conference in Dubai and Las Vegas. #Health2Conf

Sign up for classes and find out more by clicking here.

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Deliberately Delightful Dance & #MedicalAI Data Science
At Deliberately Delightful, we fuse the art of movement with the precision of science, offering a unique blend of services that cater to both your physical and intellectual well-being. Join Mary in exploring the synergy between body and mind through our specialized classes in Yoga, Zumba, and Mat Pilates integrated with mathematical principles to enhance your understanding and performance. Simultaneously, delve into the cutting-edge field of #MedicalAI, where we leverage data science to revolutionize healthcare outcomes. Our services are designed to nurture your health holistically, combining physical fitness with advanced medical insights to guide you towards a balanced and enlightened lifestyle. Discover how our dual approach can transform your health and knowledge today.

Check out

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ENGINEER | FOCUS: Internet Geopardy; Senior Software Engineer, Mathematician, Master Electrician, Software Developer & Data Scientist; #MachineLearning Mechanical Engineering Background

Connect with her on GitHub.

Resume Here.

Mary graduated from MIT’s 12-Week Professional Certificate Course in Data-Driven Decision Making and Machine Learning in Python.
She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Minor in Computer Science Degree.
She is studying some advanced data science looking at logistics and supply chain, analytics.

She now owns INTERNET GEOPARDY, LLC and uses that to procure tech contracts.

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Master Electrician | Sound & Stage | ENGINEERING & PERFORMING ARTS

Google YouTube NYC Called and asked me to consider joining their #MachineLearning Engineering Team!
I left NYC due to the Pandemic. I will rebase. I moved South to D.C. Metro and am considering returning to Java instead of Python development.

Mary is a Master Electrician of the theater and works backstage. She is a Light & Sound Engineer, Stagehand.

Love Math & Music?
Here is Mary on Harmonica: a Very German Harmonica, in C. tune in .

Here is Mary on the Flute: a Drexel Mediterranean Ensemble Performance Kalamatianos, in Greek . Philadelphia, 2013. Mary Also plays the Bass Guitar and some Mallet Percussion, Hand Percussion and Keyboards.

Mary is an Alumna of the Drexel Dance Ensemble.

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Energy-Efficient & Sustainable Design | ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION

Mary specializes in energy-efficient design projects.

Mary serves as a Spanish-English Translator in the Construction and Aviation Logistics Industry and is Located in the USA.

Mary has a background as a Mechanical Engineer doing AutoCAD / 3D Modeling for HVAC & PLUMBING (Air & Fluid Flow Optimization) FOR GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS.

Construction and Engineering | HVAC, Air and Fluid Flow Planning and Optimizations | AutoCAD, Trane TRACE;

She partners with Nawech Construction Services in CT for airport, government, and commercial construction & development projects all along the east coast.

She first interned with the U.S. Navy via Villanova University’s Mechanical Engineering Department doing NAVAL TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS using ROBOTIC CRANE ARMS with 3+ DOF (Degrees Of Freedom).

Former Naval Logistics Consultant (2006-) and Electricity Critical Infrastructure Scientist and Consultant.

She has built 3-Dimensional Models of Real US Naval Ships using CAD computer software and 3D Printers.

She has studied energy heuristics and Feng Shui as it relates to transportation, logistics, and construction engineering.

Her Bachelor’s degree is in Mathematics and Computer Science From Drexel University, Class of 2011.

Mary briefly enrolled in MIT’s Supply Chain Management MicroMasters Program (MITx-SCM) at the MIT Center For Transportation and Logistics, but is searching for a better cultural fit. Perhaps UTK.

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Aviation Engineering; Mechanical, HVAC and Design

Check out Mary’s Company: INTERNET GEOPARDY, LLC.

Mary supports NASA and SWE (the Society Of Women Engineers) in providing summer camps for middle and high school girls, grades 6-12. Mary helps to plan the mathematical and engineering curriculum for engineering camps.

Mary is now working as an engineering consultant with TCASS – Treasure Coast Aviation and Safety Services, focused on safety in aviation and autonomous vehicles.
TCASS is a service-disabled army veteran helicopter pilot-owned company based out of Florida.
Go Gators!

Our Partners at FILOT, LLC and Treasure Coast Aviation Safety Services, LLC help lead the way in #AviationMedicine!

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Electric Vehicles | ENGINEERING: Software Engineering & Development; Data Scientist

electric car illustration – e-car or battery car vehicle

Mary was a mechanical engineer; she rides.
Drexel Graduates Dr. Candace Sleeman, Ph.D., Mathematics and Mary Long, BSc. Mathematics ride together in the data science leadership departments!
Drexel Graduates Lex Fridman and Mary Long at MIT for Lex’s Lecture on Autonomous Navigation and AI.

Mary is the webmaster for
We are discussing autonomous Vehicles and safety in a.i., particularly around aviation and sustainability-Engineering topics.

Mary holds a patent in electric vehicles around the topic of range prediction, navigation, and maps. “Dynamic Driving Range Maps For Improving Driving Range Anxiety”. Read about it on the blog, here: “@igeopardy: Navigating the Future: How My Patent is Powering the Revolution in Electric Vehicle Autonomous Navigation”


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Welcome to Mary’s Website.

We’re glad you’re here.

Mary Long is an engineer & med student.

She speaks English, Spanish, some French and a little German.

Mary teaches yoga, dance and Reiki and is a graduate student.

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