Sustainable Economic Development in Latin America: A Path Forward

Sustainable Economic Development in Latin America: A Path Forward

An outline for MIT CTL Crossroads 2024 engagement and beyond.


Highlighting the crucial role of sustainable practices and technology in advancing economic development and reducing migration in Latin America.

Sustainable Practices in Supply Chains

  • Overview of sustainable supply chain initiatives.
  • Case studies on geomining and agriculture projects.
  • Impact on local economies and migration trends.

Philanthropy and Technology Integration

  • Innovative philanthropy models blending technology with traditional knowledge.
  • Preservation of indigenous cultures alongside economic initiatives.

Microloans for Economic Stability

  • The role of microloans in empowering Ecuadorian farmers.
  • Case studies highlighting success stories and challenges.
  • Strategies for scaling and replication in other regions.

Proposed Speaking Topics for MIT CTL Crossroads 2024

  • “Leveraging Geomining for Sustainable Development in Latin America.”
  • “Microloans: A Tool for Economic Empowerment and Migration Reduction.”
  • “Integrating Technology with Tradition: A New Model for Philanthropy.”

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